The Studio Tecnico Associato Piotti is an architecture & engineering firm with a 50 year old history into architectural and structural design, urbanism, topography, land registry management and, in general, into everything connected with the building and construction world.
We operate both for public agencies and private customers. We design public infrastructures, residential and commercial buildings, renovations, structural strengthening works – even over historical buildings.
We use the most up-to-date instruments, such as GPS stations, softwares for 3D modeling and finite element analysis applications.
Our activity covers a wide range of services, from topographical surveys to construction sites direction an safety planning; from building valuation and appraisals to interior design and style consulting.
Our staff is highly professional and qualified, and includes 11 among architects, engineers, building and land surveyors and executive secretaries.
We highly diversify our business. For this reason, we have directly developed original softwares and applications, in partnership with the Building Surveyors Guild of Brescia, in order to refine the building valuation process.
We have also used, first among many firms in Italy, advanced seismic design methods, structural strengthening techniques – such as Fiber Reinforced Polymers, high performances concrete, etc.
We also design energy saving, ecological buildings, using the most natural and sustainable techniques and materials. For example, we design energy saving and high resistance buildings made of “X-lam” solid wood panels – please refer to www.gattapiotti.com for further information about this topic.

Company Profile

The Studio Tecnico Associato Piotti has a valued crew of Professionals and Co-Workers, thanks to which the Firm can provide its clients all of the following:

– Projects and Design
– Construction Site Direction
– Topographical Surveys
– City Planning
– Land Registry Services
– Estate Distribution
– Structural Design
– Seismic Finite Element Analysis
– Structural Strengthening
– Structural Validations
– Geological Surveys
– Acoustic Investigations
– Renovations
– Interior Design
– Design for Ecological Buildings
– Energy Saving, Natural Based Materials
– Sustainability
– Safety Management
– Consulting
– Valuation and Appraisals

About Us

Geom. Dario Piotti

Professional Land and Building Surveyor since 1972, current Member of his Guild’s Direction Board for the Province of Brescia and Member of his National Social Security Fund in Rome until 2012, Honorary Member of the British Chartered Institute of Buildings, Dario Piotti has been working in the construction field as a valued and esteemed designer for 40 years, showing high professionalism and entrepreneurship, as well as deep human sensitivity. As founder of the Firm, these qualities allowed him to build a successful business based on passion, work ethic and integrity. He realized successful projects both in the private and public field, designing infrastructures for public agencies, city plans, roads and waterworks. He especially focused his work on the estate distribution of his clients’ families, gaining their trust generation over generation.

Dr. Eng. Carlo Piotti, PE

Once achieved his Master Degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Brescia, Italy in 2005 with full grade, in 2006 Carlo Piotti moved to San Diego, California for a Post Grad Concentration in Seismic Engineering at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD), where he studied Advanced Seismic Design, FRP Composites Applications, Bridge Design et al., assisting several experiments at the Lee Powell Laboratory – such as the seismic strengthening of the BART bridge of San Francisco.
He now works as Chief Engineer at the Studio Tecnico Associato Piotti, applying all of the above for the safety and the continue innovation of his Firm’s projects. He develops new structural and building techniques, both on new and existing buildings; he assesses the seismic behavior of structures operating finite element analysis; beside traditional construction materials, he develops the use of new ones, such as the recent “X-lam” solid wood panels aimed to a natural, more environmentally respectful and sustainable way of building.

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